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V Competition (1955)

V Competition (1955)

V Competition (1955)


Time: 22 February - 21 March 1955

Attended by 77 pianists from 25 countries. The jury assessed the performance of the Competition participants by applying a scale of 1-25 points. Only those participants who received a minimum average of 16 points in the first stage passed to the second stage, while the third stage was reached by those candidates who received a minimum average of 18 points in the second stage. Prizes and diplomas of an honourable mention depended on the sum of average points gained in all three stages.

Prize I - Adam Harasiewicz (Poland)

Prize II - Vladimir Ashkenazy (USSR)

Prize III - Fou Ts'Ong (China)

Prize IV - Bernard Ringeissen (France)

Prize V - Naum Shtarkman (USSR)

Prize VI - Dmitri Papyerno (USSR)

Prize VII - Lidia Grychtołówna (Poland)

Prize VIII - Andrzej Czajkowski (Poland)

Prize IX - Dmitri Sakharov (USSR)

Prize X - Kiyoko Tanaka (Japan)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas went to Fou Ts'Ong

Honourable mention:
Oscar Gacitua (Chile), Tadeusz Kerner (Poland), Malinee Peris (Ceylon), Giuseppe Postiglione (Italy), Manfred Reuthe (West Germany), Imre Szendrei (Hungary)