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XII Competition (1990)

XII Competition (1990)

XII Competition (1990)


Time: 1 – 21 October 1990

Attended by 110 pianists from 28 countries. The jury assessed the perfomance of the candidates on a scale of 1-10 points in the first stage and 1- 25 points in the second and third stages. The results of the separate stages and the finale were determined exactly as for the eleventh Competition.

Prize I - Not Awarded

Prize II - Kevin Kenner (USA)

Prize III - Yukio Yokoyama (Japan)

Prize IV (ex aequo) - Corrado Rollero (Italy)

Prize IV (ex aequo) - Margarita Shevchenko (Russia)

Prize V (ex aequo) - Anna Malikova (Russia)

Prize V (ex aequo) - Takako Takahashi (Japan)

Prize VI - Caroline Sageman (France)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas - not awarded

The Fryderyk Chopin Society Prize for the best performance of a polonaise: Kevin Kenner i Wojciech Świtała

The National Philharmonic Prize for the best performance of a concerto - not awarded

Honourable mention:
Koji Oikawa (Japan), Philippe Giusiano (France), Kyoko Tabe (Japan), Hiroshi Arimori (Japan)